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About Mixie

Hello, there!

My name is Amanda Freeman, and I am so happy that you decided to stop by our little corner of the web. Our day to day is filled with so much joy, and I hope that you get a little taste of that in what I have created here.

Too often, we get caught up the the hustle of owning a business, that we don’t get a chance to really experience all that this amazing journey has to offer. Am I right? After spending over a decade running a wedding planning business, and living in the trenches of chaos for years, I decided that it was time for a new way of doing business.

Mixie was born out of necessity. Not just my own, but from seeing so many solo and small business owners struggle through working with demanding clients for little to no money. It took me years, but I found my own secret sauce. I know what I do better than anyone, and I want to use those super powers to help others like me find the happiness in running their own companies. To help them find ways to keep their kindness, and spread the love everywhere they go.

So, stay awhile. Soak it in. Reach out when you are ready to change how you do business. Then, spread some love to those who need it most.


Fun Facts

Like most in this industry, I run on coffee and adrenaline 99.9% of the time.

I am the mama to two special boys who have my whole heart.

My favorite college courses were psychology related.

Podcasts are my go-to form of entertainment on long drives.

I could eat nachos every day.

My favorite color is yellow.

I am a novice ukulele player.

Nothing beats living in Michigan.