Web Design

The web can be an alarmingly intimidating place. Do yourself a favor. Take something off your already busy plate, and let us handle the design and/or development of your website. You deserve it.

Graphic Design

We know this is a pretty big topic, but we can cover anything from business card design to menus for restaurants. From social media graphics to flyers. There is no limit, but you get the point.

Branding & Logos

Branding. What the heck does that even mean? Well, it is basically a strategy that uses your company’s visual identity to create a cohesive look/feel/environment that caputers and keeps an ideal user’s attention. You’re still curious, aren’t you?

Social Media

Social Media. Social Media. Social Media. Chances are, you have accounts on multiple outlets. How are you using them to grow your community? We can help manage your pages, while you watch the likes roll in.

Pricing Guide

Our 2019 Pricing Guide is coming soon! We offer packages for branding, websites, and more starting at $300. Please contact Mixie directly for a custom proposal.